New plastic functional packaging materials

Lately years, high-performance new materials, modified materials and efforts with a degradable throwaway materials continue to emerge, and in the career of packaging to get your self wide range of applications, some materials, China has been specifically able to produce. Copolymer Currently, some European and additionally American countries invest mainly in the development from non-polar, polar ethylene copolymers, graft copolymers. These numerous greatly improve the tensile and co-extruded plastic functioning and greater transparency, close strength, anti-stress, anti-cracking, in addition to enhance stability and performance, to improve the molecular weight distribution and rheological properties of extruded.

Such as C -LLDPE linear low density polyethylene, in high-speed injection creating process without compromising the most important screw; C -LLDPE elective film toughness and demanding excellence; HAO C -LLDPE stretch film co-extruded ever increasing quality; C -LLDPE Motion picture toughness particularly good; VLDPE Very Low Density Polyethylene, ultra-low density polyethylene film, good flatness, its plastic resin melting temperature is low, performance is better, carved good performance; C -VLDPE/VLDPE ultra low density polyethylene suitable for all types of plastic film packaging. Included plastic coextrusion process LLDPE, can enhance the extensibility and penetration resistance, LLDPE / LDPE can severely improve the viscosity and as well as toughness, add HAO B -LLDPE and HAO F -LLDPE can promote balance and rheology, thermal reduing is not broken, naff film products are certainly not tear and so on the topic of.

In duoligiene molding processes, many international use VLDPE replace LLDPE, PP, EVA, PVC. Within extrusion, injection molding, news molding process, VLDPE your occupation of medicine, research care, cosmetics and supplementary flexible packaging markets and additional impact on the trade of food packaging. Metallocene Plastic Metallocene transition iron bars is connected with unquestionably the cyclopentadiene formed by some people imagine metal complex compounds. Is really a metallocene ligand metallocene polyolefin compounds METAL-LOCENE as virtually any catalyst for olefin polymerization obtained by the fat. Metallocene polymers have many advantages such as really good workability, high strength, stiffness and transparency, and good, and thus have fascinated people’s great concern.

These products for culinary packaging, medical packaging, get smaller packaging films and cleanliness supplies. Degradation of Cotton With the implementation related IS international environmental standards, the new attention which can oft-degradable plastics. Including Germany’s BASF launched a position ECOHEXD aliphatic diol not to mention aromatic dicarboxylic acid wreckage of polyester resin polymerization can be used at film production. Water-soluble nasty film Water-soluble plastic preparing film as a story green packaging materials, while Europe, America, Japan together with other countries has been traditional in packaging of quite a number of products, such as pesticides, fertilizers, pigments, dyes, detergents, water treatment agent, vitamin additives, cleaning agent, definite additives, photographic chemicals in addition to chemical reagents and other types of horticultural care.